About Us

At INTERTEAM, since its foundation in 1996, we have established ourselves as an independent NVOCC, always respecting NEUTRALITY towards our clients, thus obtaining the trust of the logistics industry worldwide. We specialize in the field of both, Ocean, and Air cargo consolidation in general (FAK, Freight all kinds) as a neutral wholesalerl.


To support our clients (Freight Forwarders) meeting and fulfilling the highest expectations in cargo and logistics services in general, implementing the highest standards in the market, relying on the talent of our qualified staff and cutting-edge technology through our IT platform, to guarantee our clients┬┤ total satisfaction.


To establish ourselves as the leading national and international cargo consolidation and logistics services company, providing the highest quality and satisfaction to our clients, completely fulfilling the needs of the global logistics market.




To us, Neutrality means Loyalty to our clients.



To act with transparency and fairness at all times.



We fulfill what was promised.



We always work with good attitude and enthusiasm to serve others.



We provide innovative solutions to every challenge that comes our way.



Our trained staff is kept updated to meet any need, exceeding expectations and the competition.



Always encouraging and involving everyone's participation for a common goal.


Socially and ecologically committed to caring for the planet, achieving prosperity for all.